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WELCOME TO Whiskey and Wine Design

Handmade in the USA from recycled materials

When Bryan the Barrel Guy and his Dad, Carpenter Gary started sharing ideas about a business, little did they realize how much fun it would be. Their new Whiskey and Wine Custom Furniture Design business has taken off like crazy, keeping the father, son and team busy with unique, creative ways to transform whiskey and wine barrels into eye-catching designs.

The duo and their team love creating unique pieces for mancaves, game rooms, restaurants, weddings, anniversaries, home and business décor. Offering personalized laser engraving services to elevate the designs into one of a kind heirloom pieces. Everything is made to order, repurposing old, retired barrels into beautifully-designed, unique furniture and decorative pieces. Rustic whiskey and wine barrels become tables, stools, lazy Susan's, shelves, wine bars, decorative art, and whatever the customer wants.

The Whiskey and Wine barrels we pick up come in pretty rough shape. Carpenter Gary is a Master Carpenter and loves putting his seasoned skills to good use creating fine-crafted pieces that add character and charm to any home or business. Gary is a U.S. Navy veteran and has been honing his craft as a Master Carpenter since 1985. Combine the exuberant sales skills of his son, Bryan, and an enterprising, successful business has emerged -- family style. Find out more about our exciting Whiskey and Wine Furniture Design. Bring your ideas and we’ll transform them into the stand-out pieces. Stock your store with one of a kind handmade artisan pieces. Made in the USA from repurposed whiskey and wine barrels.  

Bryan the Barrel Guy & Carpenter Gary